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Jun 21

10:40:00 AMUnder 12Kogarah Cougars U 12’sKingsgrove Colts U 12’s
11:40:00 AMSOUTHERN UNDER 13 SILVERKingsgrove Colts U 13’sSutherland Loftus U 13’s
12:40:00 PMCOMBINED 14 GIRLS TACKLEArncliffe Scots U 14’s GirlsKingsgrove Colts U 14’s Girls
1:50:00 PMCOMBINED 16 GIRLS TACKLEKingsgrove Colts U 16 GirlsRedfern All Blacks U 16’s Girls
3:10:00 PMMens O 35 TagRenown United O 35 TagKingsgrove Colts O 35 Tag
9:00:00 AMUnder 6Renown United U 6’s (White)Renown United U 6’s (Green)
9:00:00 AMUnder 8Renown United U 8’sBrighton Seagulls U 8’s
9:50:00 AMUnder 10Penshurst RSL U 10’sRenown United U 10’s (Green)
10:40:00 AMUnder 10Kingsgrove Colts U 10’s (Blue)Renown United U 10’s (White)
11:40:00 AMUnder 11Renown United U 11’sArncliffe Scots U 11’s
12:40:00 PMUnder 12Renown United U 12’sHurstville United U 12’s
1:40:00 PMSOUTHERN OPEN AGE SILVERRenown United OpensComo Jannali Opens (2)
3:10:00 PMSOUTHERN OPEN AGE GOLDKogarah Cougars OpensComo Jannali Opens (1)
9:00:00 AMSOUTHERN UNDER 14 GOLDRenown United U 14’sGymea Gorillas U 14’s (1)
10:10:00 AMSOUTHERN UNDER 15 GOLDRenown United U 15’sGymea Gorillas U 15’s
11:20:00 AMSOUTHERN UNDER 16 SILVERRenown United U 16’sGymea Gorillas U 16’s (2)
12:40:00 PMSOUTHERN UNDER 17 GOLDRenown United U 17’sGymea Gorillas U 17’s (1)
2:00:00 PMSOUTHERN UNDER 20Renown United U 20’sAquinas Colts U 20’s


Jun 21

70th year celebrations this weekend. So much to celebrate.

Sat 26th 12-330pm @ Renown Park

A Grade have their first home game for this season and this kicks off at Saturday at 1.40pm.

Light refreshments will be served from 2pm, If anyone is able to donate a plate to the afternoon tea this would be very much appreciated.

This will be Bev’s last time at Renown Park, as she has decided to move to Queensland permanently, it would be so good to have everyone there to celebrate her many years and farewell her with a nice afternoon.

We will be officially opening the Renown United Club room for all to view, there are some awesome pieces in there and it is a credit to a long history of greatness that we are able to put this together.  

There will be a photographer at the park and we would love to have as many old boys and families from years gone by in the photo as part of the 70th year celebration. This photo will be taken at approximately 1pm. 

So spread the word!!


Jan 21

We warmly welcome all returning and new players, and volunteers, to Renown United for the 2021 season, our club’s 70th season of rugby league. It will be a special season!

Fees have now been set for 2021 season.  For school age children remember to register for your Active Kids Voucher before registering with Renown United. Registration is free for all new junior players to Renown United when you use your Active Kids voucher from the NSW Government (via Service NSW). Fees otherwise apply.

You can register now. Our preferred method of registration for new and returning player is online via

For any new players contact Sue Turnell at


Jan 21

Club awards are a very prestigious part of being at Renown United. They are a massive honour to receive in the memory of some outstanding men for many outstanding reasons. You are humbled to receive them and feel the power of those the awards are named after standing beside you. 

Reg Gasnier Medal

The Reg Gasnier medal is a highly prestigious award. Reg Gasnier carries our club into sporting history being his junior club. The Reg Gasnier Award is awarded to a U15’s player with high standards of sportsmanship, grit and determination, and is most likely to go on and play Harold Matthew’s. Congratulations Daniel Tiberti 

Jamie Tricker Award

Jamie was and still is a great club man. Jamie was the first player to play for Renown United for 25 years straight. This is an awesome achievement in itself without all his other accolades. Jamie played hard on the field but has always been great for the club off the field. The Jamie Tricker award is to honour the Junior player of the year and his dedication and commitment to his team and his club. Congratulations Kye Saumatoga

Keith Deane Award

Young Keith Deane was a fine footballer and was selected to play representative football in U13’s. He unfortunately never reached his full potential as he passed away before getting his chance. In his memory this award is for a player from U13’s most likely to go on and play representative football. Congratulations Lucas Golovodovski

Ray Cox Award (presented by Ellen Green)

Ray Cox was the first Renown A Grade captain. ‘Razor’ as Ray was known started a dynasty which still continues today. As A Grade captain, Razor helped with all club activities, making him a fine role model for the young and upcoming players. This trophy is awarded to a person who has made a huge contribution to the running of the club. This award is chosen by the executive committee. Congratulations Paul Manley.

Ashley Robinson Award (presented by Col Tricker)

Ashley was a great senior player, who could not only play footy but also helped in all aspects of the club, This award is for a senior player who has contributed to the full function of the club, helping with fundraising and attending social functions. Congratulations to Eric Crawford 

Wally Greig Award (presented by Matt Riley) 

Wally Greig devoted a lot of time and effort building up the club’s financial independence. Through fundraising such as raffles he has helped achieve what we have today. Therefore this award honours a person who has contributed to the welfare of the club. This could be through fundraising, general club duties or maintaining the club and its property all while remembering the services given by Wally. Congratulations Kristy Grounds

Jack Cole Award (presented by Roger Riley) 

Jack Cole along with Stan Lapham were the founding members of the Renown Club and the Executive. In remembering his contribution to our club this award is presented to a team official who has worked tirelessly for the welfare and function of the team. Congratulations Nick Poullaos 

Stan Lapham Award (presented by Tim Linney) 

Stan Lapham was Renown’s first President. Along with Jack Cole and others he set up the original club with just a handful of teams. In his honour this award is presented to a player who has contributed greatly to the success of their team and to the club. Congratulations Jordan Russell


Jan 21

To all senior players (U13’s and up), A Grade players and staff will be running optional fitness and skill sessions. 6:30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Renown Park starting Thursday the 14th January. All welcome, including players, parents, team officials. Keeping fitness levels up ready for a big 2021.


Nov 20

Its that time of year where we wrap up 2020 and get ready to start season 2021 with the Annual General Meeting being held on Sunday 6th December at 11am at Olds Park Sports Club.

Its our 70th anniversary next year and there will be so much to celebrate, fingers crossed we return to a somewhat normal season.

Its was a trying year but we managed to get through a whole lot more than first anticipated. Without having had a senior presentation we haven’t presented all of the club awards and we will be doing them at this meeting.

Our club awards are a very important part of remembering who they are in honour of and recognising all the work done by those that receive the awards. 

Note the below are all available via contacting Sue Turnell via or via mobile as below

  1. The agenda for the Annual General Meeting. +
  2. The application form for anyone wishing to apply for an executive position. ++
  3. The application form for Coach and/or Trainers position for 2021.

+ Minutes of last years meeting are available upon request via email, otherwise they will be available on the day.

++ Applications must be submitted for an executive position 7 days prior (by 29th November) No applications will be considered after this date.

There will be light refreshments after the conclusion of the AGM. We hope to see many of you there to acknowledge the great season we have had.

Kind regards, 

Susan Turnell

Renown United Secretary

0414 768 261


Sep 20

Congratulations to our RENOWN UNITED PREMIERS!

Under 9 – Renown United (Green) def. Penshurst RSL 24-6

Under 10 – Renown United def. Brighton Seagulls 58-12

Under 11 – Renown United def. Kingsgrove Colts 36-18

Southern Under 14 Silver – Renown United def. Kogarah Cougars 42-10

South Eastern Under 16 Silver – Renown United def. Kingsgrove Colts 16-10

Congratulations also to the U12’s and A Grade who both qualified for the Grand Final.

A number of Renown United juniors participated as referees and officials in the grand finals. Well done and there’s no game without you.

Well done to everyone involved in the Grand finals. So rewarding after all that could have been in this difficult year. A pat on the back to all teams, coaching staff, officials and clubs that have worked so hard to adhere to every procedure and protocol and maintain a high standard of sportsmanship throughout. Thank you to all of our Renown sponsors – you’re a key part of our Renown family and we thank you for your generosity.

Under 9 Premiers
Under 10 Premiers
Under 11 Premiers
Under 14 Premiers
2020 Premiers
Under 16 Premiers


Sep 20

Congratulations to the Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11’s, Under 12’s , Under 14’s, Under 16’s and A Grade who all qualified for the Grand Finals this weekend. Good luck from everyone in the club and all the supporters of Renown United.