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Jan 21

2020 Renown United Perpetual Trophy Award Winners

Club awards are a very prestigious part of being at Renown United. They are a massive honour to receive in the memory of some outstanding men for many outstanding reasons. You are humbled to receive them and feel the power of those the awards are named after standing beside you. 

Reg Gasnier Medal

The Reg Gasnier medal is a highly prestigious award. Reg Gasnier carries our club into sporting history being his junior club. The Reg Gasnier Award is awarded to a U15’s player with high standards of sportsmanship, grit and determination, and is most likely to go on and play Harold Matthew’s. Congratulations Daniel Tiberti 

Jamie Tricker Award

Jamie was and still is a great club man. Jamie was the first player to play for Renown United for 25 years straight. This is an awesome achievement in itself without all his other accolades. Jamie played hard on the field but has always been great for the club off the field. The Jamie Tricker award is to honour the Junior player of the year and his dedication and commitment to his team and his club. Congratulations Kye Saumatoga

Keith Deane Award

Young Keith Deane was a fine footballer and was selected to play representative football in U13’s. He unfortunately never reached his full potential as he passed away before getting his chance. In his memory this award is for a player from U13’s most likely to go on and play representative football. Congratulations Lucas Golovodovski

Ray Cox Award (presented by Ellen Green)

Ray Cox was the first Renown A Grade captain. ‘Razor’ as Ray was known started a dynasty which still continues today. As A Grade captain, Razor helped with all club activities, making him a fine role model for the young and upcoming players. This trophy is awarded to a person who has made a huge contribution to the running of the club. This award is chosen by the executive committee. Congratulations Paul Manley.

Ashley Robinson Award (presented by Col Tricker)

Ashley was a great senior player, who could not only play footy but also helped in all aspects of the club, This award is for a senior player who has contributed to the full function of the club, helping with fundraising and attending social functions. Congratulations to Eric Crawford 

Wally Greig Award (presented by Matt Riley) 

Wally Greig devoted a lot of time and effort building up the club’s financial independence. Through fundraising such as raffles he has helped achieve what we have today. Therefore this award honours a person who has contributed to the welfare of the club. This could be through fundraising, general club duties or maintaining the club and its property all while remembering the services given by Wally. Congratulations Kristy Grounds

Jack Cole Award (presented by Roger Riley) 

Jack Cole along with Stan Lapham were the founding members of the Renown Club and the Executive. In remembering his contribution to our club this award is presented to a team official who has worked tirelessly for the welfare and function of the team. Congratulations Nick Poullaos 

Stan Lapham Award (presented by Tim Linney) 

Stan Lapham was Renown’s first President. Along with Jack Cole and others he set up the original club with just a handful of teams. In his honour this award is presented to a player who has contributed greatly to the success of their team and to the club. Congratulations Jordan Russell